Fuzion Draw

An educational game for kids where you can draw in the air!

Fuzion Draw

Aquadize Studios created Fuzion Draw, a unique, fun and educational game. The user can create drawings in the air and then share them with friends, while learning about different animals and continents.

Fuzion Draw uses innovative technologies of user interfaces in the air, image recognition and motion tracking developed by our team, FuzionAir, which identifies the images on the screen, for example, our hands. Fuzion Draw determines where is the user's hand (or any object used for the same purpose), keeps track of where it moves and activates various functions depending on its position.

This type of innovative interface is an attractive and immersive experience. It's fun to use, and doesn't require any device to use draw (such as a mouse, for example), almost like performing this operation on the reality.

So to draw, you simply move your finger in the air! This makes Fuzion Draw a unique game on the market. It's not necessary to have a powerful PC, Fuzion Draw can be used from any computer, with a common webcam, both indoors and outdoors.

Fuzion Draw's future is an educational virtual community for kids where they can play merging real life objects in a virtual world, and share their creations with their friends, either from a PC or a virtual stand.

Fuzion Draw

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