Our services

Your technological partner

We are pioneers in Argentina in providing interactive solutions with innovative technologies. We aim to be your technology partner to complement your marketing campaigns by providing technology tools to communicate your brand or product through a powerful experience, fun, innovative, memorable and immersive, where real and virtual merge.

Applications and games with augmented reality

We develop applications and games with augmented reality for PC or smart phones. It is ideal for promoting your brand or product in an innovative and attractive way, offering stunning and immersive entertainment at events or installations, point of purchase (POP) or even in magazines and brochures.

Applications and games with user interfaces in the air and motion tracking

We are pioneers in the region in creating applications and games with facial, hands or objects recognition, an advanced technology. We develop games and apps with user interfaces in the air and motion tracking, where the user is able to interact with software or play a videogame directly with his hands, without mouse, keyboard, joystick or other peripheral.

Game development for training, advertising or entertainment

Intended for entertainment, marketing and advertising (advergaming), education and training (serious games), for various platforms such as PCs and mobile phones.

Development of geolocation applications

We develop applications for GPS devices, such as for guidance GPS for precision agriculture.

Development of 2D and 3D engines, and visual FX

We create and extend programming libraries and tools for developing 2D and 3D graphics applications, like video games, interactive simulations and virtual reality, freeing your team of programmers from the details of the platform. We also develop and integrate visual effects on different platforms, and 2D and 3D engines for use in game development and real-time graphics applications.

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