Applications and games with augmented reality

Merging reality and virtuality

We develop applications and games with augmented reality (AR) for PC or phones. We use an Augmented Reality 3D engine technology exclusively developed by our team, FuzionAR, which enables the display of AR in various devices.

Augmented reality (AR) is the evolution of Virtual Reality. Is an interactive experience where virtual objects are mixed with reality. The user can view and interact with them in real time.

It can be used in various devices such as LCD screens or mobile phones. In addition, the innovative option we propose is augmented reality display through special glasses and a portable computer, unique in the country, to create stunning and immersive experiences for the user.

It is ideal for:

  • promoting your brand or product in an innovative and attractive way, offering stunning and immersive entertainment at events or installations, point of purchase (POP) or even in magazines and brochures
  • education and training in museums or schools
  • games where the mechanics of these are based on physical movement, using real objects as tools.

And besides, the whole experience can be streamed online in real time for others to view!

Look at the success case: MasterCard - Virtual Cup project

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