Applications and games with user interfaces in the air and motion tracking

The future of interaction, today!

We are pioneers in the region in creating applications and games with facial, hands or objects recognition, an advanced technology.

We develop applications and games with user interfaces in the air, image detection and motion tracking, which allow you to control the application or game from the distance with your bare hands, without using mouse, keyboard, joystick or other peripheral.

An innovative, attractive and appealing technology.

Typical applications include:

  • promotion of your brand or product in an innovative and attractive way, offering stunning and immersive entertainment at events or installations;
  • offer different entertainment events;
  • video games and graphical user interfaces for software, where you interact and activate various features by moving hands in the air;
  • automatically cataloged images (for example, to download photos from our digital cameras to our PCs, these are automatically listed with all information required for one find them in the future, which would allow searches like "pictures with Grandpa, behind house with the dog next door and the trampoline behind");
  • visual search (where for example, one could go to Google and search for "two-story red building" and this return as a result just that, instead of just searching for images whose descriptions appear these words);
  • security systems for biometric identification of faces (where a computer would recognize terrorists and criminals in a crowd, or where a camera in an amusement park find your missing child in seconds);
  • and even robotic vision, where such robots would finally see in a similar, or even better, way than ourselves.

Meet Fuzion Draw, the first game to draw in air, developed by Aquadize with this technology.

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