Game development

For education and training (serious games), advertising (advergames) or entertainment.

Advergaming, games for marketing and advertising

We develop advergames for various platforms, including PCs, smartphones, iPhone and iPad. Advertise or promote your brand, product, organization or idea through a video game. The user interacts with your brand, improving its positioning and generating more traffic to your website.

Complement your marketing campaigns or product launches, so you can communicate your brand or product through a powerful experience, fun, innovative, and memorable.

Take a look at our success cases:

Serious games, for education and training

We develop video games for education, professional skills training, medical simulations and military training, for commercial, awareness, social or political purposes.

Serious games can help to the understanding of concepts or subjects, like training and simulation of various activities, such as learning the management of large-scale enterprises or drive a vehicle.

Unlike the simulations, that may require millions of dollars of investment and require specially designed hardware, a serious game can be used in a common computer, using existing technology and infrastructure. You can receive data from cameras, motion sensors, wireless input devices and GPS, allowing a precise interaction between the real world and the game, and capturing down to the smallest detail.


  • Stores all user actions and metrics in a database for subsequent visualization and analysis.
  • Provides learners – regardless of time zones and geographical barriers - with complete flexibility and convenience in accessing a high-quality learning experience.
  • Time and costs saving.
  • Dynamic, engaging and interactive learning environment, which reinforces the learning points.
  • People are already used to video games, so this kind of applications will always be attractive, generating a great attitude towards their use.

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